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About Us

Harpp Flower Farm was founded out of love, healing, and a desire to spread beauty and joy. I often get asked about the name Harpp. My name is Holly, which is the H. I have three daughters who have names that start with an A, R, and P. My mom’s name also starts with a P. The name Harpp is my attempt to honor three generations of women in my family while sharing some beauty and joy in this corner of the sometimes chaotic world.

Some of my earliest memories are of being in the garden with my mom. Throughout my childhood, uncountable hours were spent outside, playing with my sister, while my parents were tending plants. As an adult, I have found a solace and peace deep within myself while in the garden that I don’t feel anywhere else. I bring my daughters outside with me as much as possible, to play and to help. By doing this, I hope that they have the same early memories of love while surrounded by plants. 

Life is full of excitement, love, loss, celebrations, disappointment. Flowers add beauty and joy to soothe the soul and communicate a message of love. It is my hope that the flowers I grow can provide others with the same feelings of peace and joy while looking at them in their homes that I felt while growing them. 

About Us: Our Farm
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